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The BCause Foundation manages several thematic funds, supported by private and corporate donations and distributed on a competitive basis.

We manage several thematic funds. The funds are supported by private and corporate donations (collected year-round in the and are distributed on a targeted or competitive basis.

Scholarship funds

Get ready to Succeed Scholarships Programme

The scholarships are for excellent 11th and 12th-grade students and students in state-run schools who lost one or both parents or grew up in a specialised institution.

A leading criterion is the success of the candidates. We support young people not just because they are harmed by fate but because they have outstanding achievements, excellent success and are purposeful, motivated and active. In addition, our scholars receive support for a career start and an opportunity to get acquainted with leading employers.

Fund to Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence

It is targeted at organizations that provide legal, psychological and social consultations and support crisis accommodation centres. Women and their children receive security and protection, emotional recovery and social rehabilitation. In order to get out of the midst of violence and to continue their lives outside, they need encouragement and faith in themselves and in their capabilities.

Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation of Children Fund

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The BCause Foundation’s "Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation of Children" Fund supports families with children up to 18 years of age with chronic diseases and diseases of the central nervous system, endocrine, genetic, mental and other diseases.

Funds are provided to cover the costs of treatment and rehabilitation of children up to 18 years of age - medicines, medical supplies and articles, aids (glasses, hearing aids), medical activities and therapies in Bulgaria for which no funds are disbursed by NHIF or Center for the Treatment of Children at the MH.

We Can Fund

Supporting disadvantaged young people for employment.

The fund supports institutionalized young people, orphans and half- orphans, and young people who can not rely on help in their families. It finances activities and initiatives aimed at acquiring skills for independent lifestyles, supporting personal expression, interests, continuing education.

The Fund distributes the funds on a competitive basis. Only for non-profit organisations working for the public benefit.

Fund for organisations of people with disabilities

It is founded to improve the capacity and activity of parents and other organisations working for the benefit of children and adults with disabilities.

The donor funds collected in the fund are distributed on a competitive basis for small projects of parent associations and other organisations working with children and the elderly with disabilities.

The aim is to support activities where children and the disadvantaged adults can express themselves or get out of the limited world of the institution or family.


Our Parents Fund

The Fund aims to improve health and social care for the elderly and support cultural initiatives and intergenerational links.

Funds are funded by health care; we provide home help and support the cultural and social life of adults and people living alone in small settlements. Program priority is Northwestern Bulgaria. The "Our Parents" Fund is supported entirely by private and corporate donations.

Environmental Protection Fund

It supports small projects related to the conservation of protected areas and species in Bulgaria.

The donations collected in the fund are allocated on a competitive basis for small projects related to the conservation of protected territories and species in Bulgaria. The contest is organized with about BGN 5000 collected.

If you support this cause, you can donate to the fund online, via PayPal, or via a bank transfer through the or contact us.